Earth Day 2017: Stand with Land Rights Heroes to fight climate change

Earth Day 2017: Stand with Land Rights Heroes to fight climate change

From 22-29 April, we invite you to join a chorus of thousands of citizens and organizations all over the world making a thunderous noise for Land Rights Now to end climate change and build a fairer future!

Starting on Earth Day 22 April 2017, for one week participants in Land Rights Now will send a strong solution focused message to Governments, policy makers and the media: Secure land rights for Indigenous People and Local Communities are important to protect the earth and fight climate change.

Over 40 events across 25 countries from Mongolia to Brazil and Cameroon to Bangladesh are planned. These include from community forums, workshops, film screenings, rallies and press conferences all under the banner Land Rights Now to Fight Climate Change and Protect the Earth. Check out the Map of Action for up-to-date information about all the events.

In addition to the events on the ground, we will also be featuring real stories of resistance from Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya and Taiwan and launching a brief called ‘’Tested, Cost-Effective and Practical: Securing the land rights of Indigenous People and Local Communities is a key solution to climate change.’’

Here is how you can join the Earth Day Mobilisation and become part of the global call for secure land rights to protect the Earth and fight climate change: 

Visit our Earth Day webpage, check the Mobilisation Guide for action ideas such as organizing a film screening

Join the campaign on Tumblr by sending your photos and a message about Land Rights Now to Protect the Earth and Fight Climate Change.

Follow and join the #LandRightsNow conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

Your actions no matter how small will contribute to ensuring that the message secure land rights for Indigenous People and local communities is heard loud and clear on Earth Day!