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The Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land Rights

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The Global Call to Action is a solidarity movement of organizations and communities united to promote the land rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities by working with them to mobilize, communicate, advocate, monitor and nurture strategic initiatives to secure life in land.

We are seeking champions that can lead by example in the global fight for the land rights of Indigenous People and Local Communities.

If you are an organization, you can:

➤ Sign-up on this platform to join the movement for Land Rights Now. You can view the participants: here 

➤  Link your activities to this global movement on social media by using the hashtag #LandRightsNow

➤ Show you are part of the growing Land Rights Now Movement by using the Land Rights Now Logo.   Download it: here 

➤ Connect to other participants, create new collaborations, or simply join existing projects. Together we are stronger!

If you are a government, you can:

➤ Engage with participant civil society of your country, support the initiative, and identify concrete steps to advance indigenous and community land rights with them

If you are a citizen, you can:

➤ Sign-up, share this website with your friends, and stay informed on upcoming actions

➤ Follow us on Twitter or Facebook or post using hashtag #LandRightsNow

➤ Show your support by sending us a picture of your hands with the Land Rights Now logo using the hashtag #LandRightsNow

➤ Read more about land rights in your country

Join us in this journey and stay in touch!

If you have any questions contact: 

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