Global Mobilisation against the Criminalisation of Land Rights Defenders

The criminalisation of land and environmental rights defenders has become a global crisis. In every corner of the world, Indigenous People and local communities who peacefully defend their land rights – and protect the planet – are suffering violent attacks and unjust legal persecution.

Whether physical or legal, these attacks aim to silence defenders, forcing them to devote time, energy, and financial resources to legal and physical defence. The defamation of land rights defenders is often the beginning of a process which leads to legal persecution and ends with murder.

From 2-9 December, Land Rights Now and many other organizations and individuals from across the world will mobilize and together make a thunderous noise to call for an end to the Criminalisation of Land Rights Defenders.

 The Global Mobilisation will target decision makers in key countries to demand protection of land rights defenders and recognition of collective land rights.  It will make the public more aware of the role they can play as consumers in helping to protect land rights defenders.

Save the date and invite colleagues to do the same with this flyer.

Watch this space for upcoming news and information on how you can join the mobilisation.