Vanessa Teteye is a Bora – Uitoto indigenous woman from the Colombian Amazon. She works as a journalist and Communications Coordinator at the independent intercultural media in Latin America, Agenda Propia.

Vanessa has helped develop communication initiatives for indigenous peoples in Colombia to defend their rights and territories. During her professional career, she has covered and narrated stories about the struggles, experiences and defenses of the Amazonian indigenous peoples. Her articles have been published in different media, including Agenda Propia, Democracia Abierta, El Espectador, and El País. In 2019 she was awarded by Revista Semana (Colombia) with the ‘Regional Journalism Award’ for the collective multimedia special ‘Bogotá Indígena.’

She is an active member of the Weaving Stories Network in Latin America, a community of journalists and communicators. She is also an artisan and she makes crafts as part of her heritage, with natural products from her region.