For our food and our future – Join the global mobilization for land rights now!

The world would be a pretty dull and hungry place if it weren’t for Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

Indigenous Peoples and local communities play a central role in feeding the world. They look after much of the world’s biodiversity, with at least 80% of planet’s biodiversity found in Indigenous territories and waters. And they have an incredible track record of protecting the climate by preventing deforestation and properly managing pasturelands.

And yet their ability to put food on their tables and on our tables is increasingly threatened – by land grabs and insecure land tenure. Without secure titles to the lands they manage (and in many cases have held for generations), governments and corporations can displace them to make way for agribusiness and monocultures; coal, oil and gas extraction; mining; parklands; highways; cattle ranching or development projects.

That’s why from 15-26 October 2018, Land Rights Now is standing with hundreds of organizations and thousands of people all around the world to support Indigenous Peoples and local communities. Organizers are already planning dozens of events around the world — and welcoming you to join or plan one, too!

These global mobilizations coincide with United Nations World Food Day on October 16 to  make a thunderous call on governments around the world to secure land rights as a fundamental way to defend our food from land grabs. Without secure land rights for Indigenous People and local communities, they can’t protect our planet, putting the food we eat every day at risk.

Women and men from Indigenous Peoples and local communities have stood up courageously to defend their rights and the environment. The increasing number of land grabs is also why killings of people trying to protect land and land rights are at an all-time high: in 2017, at least 207 land and environmental defenders were murdered. That is why it’s important for us to stand strong together; we really need YOU to march, cook, sing and shout for land rights!

Find out how you can host or participate in a Land Rights Now event during the October 15-26 2018 mobilisations around World Food Day. It’s going to be fun and build our collective power to stand for what’s right and delicious!

You can learn more HERE or send us a message at

See you in October!!