Did you know that the destruction of nature increases the probability of future pandemics? There are thousands of unknown viruses in nature carried by wild animals. Deforestation brings us in closer contact with them.

It is time to reassess our relationship with nature. To prevent future pandemics we need to live in harmony with nature, forests and animals. Indigenous Peoples and local communities have the traditional knowledge to be our guiding light in these dark times.

Here are inspiring stories from all around the world:

Pandemic diaries of Dessy and Dersy, from the Dayak Simpang tribe, Borneo island, Indonesia 

Pandemic diaries of Elio, artist from the Indigenous Emberá community of eastern Panama:

Pandemic diaries of Djuena, “singer of the indigenous movement” from the Tikuna people in Brazil:

Pandemic diaries of Paloma, environmental activist from Brazil: