This month, we launched Land Rights Now to call for land rights for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. 2.5 billion people around the world, live, work, and depend on indigenous and community lands yet they have full ownership rights to just one-fifth of that. Community lands are increasingly threatened by booming industries and governments who put profit before people. This leads to ruthless land grabbing, which drives communities out of their homes and into poverty.

During the launch week, people all over the world stood up together – from Guatemala to Guyana to The Philippines – to demand land rights now. And every day people are standing up against these injustices. Stand with them, raise your voice for land rights now.

2 March 2016, Malaysia

7 March 2016, Wapichan Guyana

8 March 2016, Guatemala

8 March 2016, The Netherlands

9 March 2016, Rome

10 March 2016, Philippines

15 March 2016, Cambodia

16 March 2016, Washington D.C.

18 March 2016, Mongolia

30-31 March 2016, Thailand