Mobilisation Week for Indigenous and Community Land Rights

From the 2nd to 9th of August 2016 organizations all over the world will come together under the #LandRightsNow banner to call on world leaders to take action for Indigenous and Community Land Rights. Culminating on World Indigenous Peoples Day on 9 August , the week will put a global spotlight on key land rights struggles and leverage pressure on governments to secure the collective rights of Indigenous people and local communities.

By taking part as an organization or an indivudal you are ready to:

Join the chorus of 480 organisations and thousands of individuals making thunderous noise for #LandRightsNow

Add your voice so that governments, companies, and world leaders take action and meet our demands by 2020

Join our collective effort to make a difference not just for Indigenous Peoples and local communities but for the health of the environment and ending poverty and inequality

Some incredible organisations have planned rallies and gatherings in all corners of the world – check out the Map of Action

Get involved!

This Mobilisation Guide gives you some ideas for the different ways you, your organization, or your community can participate!

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Add your voice by posting your picture and message about Indigenous and community Land Rights here

If you have questions about the Global Week of Action, there is a team on hand to answer and help out. Send an email to :!