The climate emergency is real. So how is it possible that those who have protected and still protect the Earth are being falsely accused of crimes and locked up in prison? Indigenous Peoples and local communities are protecting the Earth for all humanity. They are doing it even if it means putting their lives at risk or being treated like criminals. Some have even died for it.

There is hope for a better planet. It is in the hands of the Indigenous Peoples and local communities defending their lands, forests and waters. Strengthened by this hope, people around the world are taking peaceful action to Stand With Defenders. From 2-9th December we are joining together to call on Governments and corporate actors to end criminalisation and fully protect the people defending our earth by recognizing and respecting their land rights.

Why take action now

  • Every single day land rights defenders are intimidated, branded as criminals, locked-up, or taken to court. This is a strategy being used by Governments and corporations to stop defenders doing their important work in defense of the Planet.
  • Indigenous Peoples and local communities manage many of the world’s great forests and biodiversity hotspots.
  • Secure land rights for Indigenous Peoples’ and community land rights are essential in the fight against climate change and the future of the planet.

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