Global Mobilisation to End the Criminalisation of Land Rights Defenders

All over the world, Indigenous Peoples and local communities standing up to defend their land rights are suffering violent attacks. For one week from 2-9th December, we will come together to mobilize and call for an end to the criminalisation of Land Rights Defenders.

What do we want to achieve?

During the Global Mobilisation (from 2 to 9 December) organizations and individuals worldwide will call for an end to the criminalisation of land rights defenders.  We will demand that governments protect Indigenous People and local communities defending their lands, forests, and waters and act to recognize their land rights.

Why take action?

Indigenous Peoples and local communities manage many of the world’s great forests and biodiversity hotspots. Those lands are prime targets for environmentally destructive mining, logging, and agro-industrial projects.

When they stand up against these projects, they are faced with violence and legal harassment. In 2018 more than three land rights defenders were murdered every week.  And every single day hundreds are intimidated, branded as criminals, locked-up, or taken to court. Laws are being misused as weapons to silence those who peacefully defend land rights – and the planet.

Secure land rights for Indigenous Peoples’ and community land rights are essential in the fight against climate change and the future of the planet.

How to join the mobilisation?

  • Organise your own event: the Global Mobilisation is open to everyone who wants to act to end criminalisation -it doesn’t matter what size your event is, every action counts towards the thunderous noise we aim to make.  Email us for further information and or check out our event guide!
  • Join a local event:  You can find an event near you – our global map of action will soon be live.
  • Social media takeover! If you can’t make it to an event, help mobilize online.  Soon we will have concrete online actions that you can take to stand with criminalised land rights defenders.

Do you have other suggestions or ideas? Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, ideas, or feedback you may have at

Do you want to stay informed about the events and would like to receive our campaign guide? Then join the Land Rights Now movement here.

We stand with defenders because the future of the planet depends on it!

Map of criminalisation of land rights defenders

Here is an overview of criminalised land right defenders worldwide, and the legislation used to criminalise them. Click on them to read more about the cases.

See map in full screen