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Stand in Solidarity with Kendeng Farmers

Stand in solidarity with Kendeng Farmers in Indonesia

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The Kendeng farmers call on the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, to revoke the license for the state-owned cement maker PT Semen Indonesia in Rembang, Central Java. If this factory is built the effects on both the environment and the lives of hundreds of local farmers will be disastrous. Paddy fields – their main sources of agriculture and income - will be damaged and mountainous water sources under severe risk of contamination.

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Take Action for Land Rights in Peru

Stand with Quechua communities

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Teddy and his community are calling on the government to recognize their land rights. The Quechua community has been exposed to severe changes since the government allowed companies to come in and drill for oil on their lands without the community’s consent. Stand with them.

Support Land Rights in Liberia

People across the world are calling on Liberia’s National Legislature to recognize the rights of millions of Liberians to their lands. Failure to recognize the rights of millions jeopardizes peace and security throughout West Africa, and could push Liberia back into the conflict that devastated the country for decades.

Take a Stand for Land Rights in Pitas, Sabah

Help push for real change by endorsing the letter calling on the Chief Minister of Sabah, Malaysia, to stop the destruction of communities’ mangrove area in Pitas and support indigenous communities to protect and conserve the last remaining 1000 acres of their forest. 

In less than two years, more than 2,000 acres of the communities’ mangrove forests have been destroyed to create shrimp ponds, violating not only communities’ rights but also Malaysian environmental regulations.

Join the call for justice in Sri Lanka

Rathnamali and 350 other families of farmers and fisher folk living in Paanama, a coastal village in the east of Sri Lanka, were forcibly evicted from lands they had cultivated and lived on for over forty years. Stand with the community of Paanama.